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Dixon Bulldog Band

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Dixon White Oak Classic 10-14-17



Homecoming Parade Information

All percussion and guard will meet at the Sneads Ferry Community Center at 400pm. Line up begins at 415pm. The guard and percussion will be the second person in line. We have 3 Trucks and trailers for students to be in. You must find your own transportation there (Carpool with friends) and back. Please eat dinner before returning to the football game. You need to be seated in the stands at 645 in assigned areas. The Marching winds will be on the field performing the National Anthem and the Fight Song.


GAME DAY SCHEDULE OCT 20 Homecoming Night

Please eat before coming to the AUD and not during set up.

515pm Doors Open for Instrument Set Up and Tuning, Transfer pit to Stadium

545pm Doors Close Band Members in Seats (There will be no admittance if you are late) 

545pm Role call, Move to practice Field,

550pm Show rehearsal all segments 

550PM My Girl Set Up Set

640pm Stage Line up in front of school 

640pm March to Field 

645pm Arrive at Field (Helmet Presentation)

650pm National Anthem then form tunnel for football team play fight song

700pm Kick Off 

800pm Estimated Homecoming Court (My Girl) 

900pm End of Game (Clean up auditorium)

Homecoming dance following the game. Tckets are $5


Awards Given at Competition
Visual Performance (Base on the entire band)
General Effect
Percussion (Battery/Pit)
Drum Major
Pit Crew
Overall Class
Peoples Choice
Albert James Award
Grand Champion



900am     Doors Open
915am     Doors Close, Attendance Taken
915am     Practice Field Rehearsal (Sectionals, Captions, Full ensemble Drill)
1215pm   Lunch- On your own Bring Equipment to Trailers
115pm     Report time to AUD Attendance Taken
130pm     Load Buses
200pm     Depart Dixon High School
245pm     Arrive at White Oak High School Unload Equipment
300pm     Dress Into Uniforms
345pm     Warm Up Begins Lot B
425pm     Leave Warm Up Area
430pm     Arrive at Gate
435pm     Performance Time
450pm     Change out of Uniforms and go watch bands and eat dinner on your own, Stay with Chaperones as a group
615pm     Leaders meet Saenz at Buses to grab uniforms to change into
715pm     Student Leaders Report to Fence Line with Saenz
730pm     Award Ceremony
830pm     Estimated Departure of Northside
915pm     Return to DHS
945am     Estimated Dismissal


 2017 Show Music is now online to download in the Files Section and print to practice over the summer. 

Pep Band for Aug 18th Away Game

Reply to 101 message for a reserve spot on bus

Football game merchandise helpers!

Oct. 20
1. Mrs Toudle
2. Mrs Gulden
3. Mrs Sharpe
4. Mr Drushal
5. Mrs Drushal

Nov 3
1. Mrs Bortner
2. Mrs Callahan
3. Mr Drushal 
4. Mrs Drushal

Homecoming Dance Helpers Octobe 20

Water Sellers
Ticket Takers and Sellers
1. Mrs Britt
2. Mrs Merrick
3. Mrs Drushal
Indoor Monitors
1. Mrs Bortner
2. Mr Sorrell
3. Mr Drushal
1. (Most Postitions filled by DHS Staff members)

Please have rides ready to pick you up at the school. If you will be picked up at the parade, you must meet at the community church for pick up and have a note brought to me by Friday.



Mr. Saenz- Director of Bands at Dixon High School

Mr. Saenz was born in California and Moved to North Carolina when his family was given orders to be stations in Camp Lejeune. He attended Western Carolina University where he perforned with the "Pride of the Mountain Marching Band." While in residence, he performed at 2 Bands of America Regional Events Held in Atlanta, GA,  Bands of America Grand National Championship held in Indianapolis, Indiana, 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament held in Albuquerque, NM, and was a Performer and Soloist in the 2011 Rose Parade in Anaheim, CA. Mr Saenz was a Drill,Visual and Brass tech for Tuscola High School in Waynesville North Carolina from 2008-2011 where he did his intership. He graduated with two dregress, Bachelors of Science in Education K-12 Choir/Band/Orchestra and a Bachelors of Music for instrumental. He started working at Dixon High School in 2012 with a wind band of 19 members.


Tiffany Riggs- Colorguard Instructor/Choreographer


I was born in Morehead City, NC and grew up right on the water. In 1995, I moved to Swansboro, NC. I marched with the Swansboro Marching Band for 4 years as colorguard and graduated in 2004. In 2005 I met the love of my life, my son, born in Shreveport,LA. I graduated from the Cheveux School of Hair Design in 2008 as a Cosmetologist. In 2010, my little boy was diagnosed with autism and it changed our lives forever. I decided to go back to school to become a teacher. I completed in early childhood education in 2013 with a certification in exceptional children and now i work as a preschool teacher specializing in preschool aged children with mental and physical disablilites. I love music and have been playing for the majority of my life. Colorguard is a passion for me. The idea of creating visual effects using weapons, flags, props, and dance is so intriguing. Colorguard challenges your mind and body and creates emotions like nothing else.


Breathe in the music, breathe out the performance 

Samantha Toney- Low Brass Coordinator 

Tucker Sanders- Percussion Coordinator 


 List of Dates to Remember!!!

 2017 Band Schedule 

How to get 100
Flip Folder, gloves, full Uniform, mid calf or longer black socks, clean marching shoes, working instrument, full guard uniform, flags, shoes

Oct 20                       Home Game Trask  Homecoming Times TBA Dance Fundraiser

October 21                 Topsail Pirate Invitational All Day Event

Nov 3                        Home Game Richlands Possible Senior Night Times TBA

November 4              Veterans Day Parade

November 4              Crystal Coast Classic Havelock High School With East Carolina University 

November 18            Jacksonville Holiday Parade 


2017 Part Placements for the show Winds and Brass 

Please go to the files selection and print out your parts


Piccolo- Shauna C

Flute- Apples L, Zion C, Lindsey T, Mia W, Hannah R,  Rebecca Marshburn

Clarinet 1- Brennley W, Randi S, Alex J, Hollyn A, Ashley B

Clarinet 2- Jarod S, Seth N, Serena B, Ju’Juan C, Eli H, Madisen S

Bass Clarinet- Angel A, Emma S, 

Alto- Josie S, Logan A, Jack H, Andrew A, Brayden H, Gabriel M, Majeliz R,

Tenor- Caleb K, Pauly H, Tyler M, Jordan M

Bari Sax- Emmanuel L, Koral K

Mellophone- J’len M

Trumpet 1- Brittani C, Hunter T, Hunter P, Andrew R, Josh M

Trumpet 2- Ariana F, Reese S, Jesse N, Isaiac B, Laethan N, Xander

Trombone 1- Luke L, Andrew M, Madelyn S

Trombone 2 Logan S, Leo Reaves

Baritone- Trevor S, Cameron S

Sousaphone- Ryuichi R, Brayden C 


Band Volunteers 

Parent Volunteers/(Bus Chaperones- Must be finger Printed)


October 21       THS Pirate Invitational

Bus/Pit Crew Chaperone 1. Mr. Saenz
Bus/Pit Crew Chaperone 2. Tiffany Riggs
Bus/Pit Crew Chaperone 3. Andra Drushal
Bus/Pit Crew Chaperone 4. Mrs. White
Bus/Pit Crew Chaperone 5. Samantha Toney
Bus/Pit Crew Chaperone 6. Mrs. Merricks
Bus/Pit Crew Chaperone 7. Mr. Sorrell

Trailer 1 20' Tom Drushal
Trailer 2 15' Mr Minervini

November 4      HHS Crystal Coast Classic 

Bus/Pit Crew Chaperone 1. Mr. Saenz
Bus/Pit Crew Chaperone 2. Tiffany Riggs
Bus/Pit Crew Chaperone 3. Andra Drushal
Bus/Pit Crew Chaperone 4. Mrs. White
Bus/Pit Crew Chaperone 5. Samantha Toney
Bus/Pit Crew Chaperone 6. Mrs. Merrick
Bus/Pit Crew Chaperone 7. Mr. Sorrell

Trailer 1 20' Tom Drushal
Trailer 2 15' Mr Minervini



I can't chaperone or help in pit... What else can I do???  

We need your help with several things in the band program. If you are unable to help out by chaperoning or in pit crew, I would like to ask your help on a few items. We need the following items to keep the band running successfully. The cost of field striping paint can add up after a while, especially after a raing day. One case of 6 cans will cost 24.98 at homedepot. Anyone willing to donate a case or even donating one can, will help us out tremendously. 


I encourage everyone to attend our home football games, competitions, and concerts. I cant begin to tell you how important it is to show support for the arts program and the students involved. Nothing is better than having parental support in the stands. As being a high school student (years ago) it was always nice to hear my name being shouted from the stands and occassionally embarrassed. The band and cheerleaders ARE the number one fans in the stands and we need our number one parents supporting them. Please dont hesitate to email me if you have any questions or concerns. I am here to help out in anyway I can.





Band- Remind101  text alerts- text the class code to the number below then follow instructions and you will recieve updates/news about upcoming parent meetings, auditions, schedule changes and alerts during game days and competitions!

 Text this number 81010 and then type @278G  

Students and parents are highly encouraged to sign up for these text alerts. We can alert people as soon as possible for impending weather, bus relocations or after school rehearsal changes!

 Why do we fundraise!!!

The items below are what is needed for this year. This is the average cost for the band and all of this is very obtainable. The program needs your support and your efforts to make this happen. Please go out and get those sponsors!


4000 New Trailer

1700 Support Staff

   850 Reusable Props and Backdrops

5000 New Uniform Jackets needed to be Ordered (15)

 2400 Estimated Bus Cost

 1000 Guest Conductors for Marching and Concert Season

   450 New Shako Boxes (No more Cardboard boxes)

  950 Show Plumes

 16350 Total needed this year!

  This is very achievable but this is up to you!


2017 Percussion Placements 

Drums for Field Performance (Halftime/Competitions)
Vibraphone- Thomas R (Pit Section Leader)
Marimba 1(Treble)- Richard J
Marimba 2(Bass)- Jakob P
Xylophone- Alan D
Aux Bass 1- Jon B
Aux Bass 2- Ethan M
Aux Sus Cym 3- Jacob W
Aux Crash Cym 5- Michael P
Snare 1- Justin L (Section Leader Drumline Captain)
Bass 1- Sailor T
Bass 2- Jessica M(Bass Section Leader)
Bass 3- Ian M
Bass 4- Austin M

PepTunes (Parades, Pep Rallies, Stands during Football Games)

Snare 1- Justin L
Snare 2- Michael P
Bass 1- Sailor T
White Bass 1- Ethan M
Bass 2- Kristian A
White Bass 2-Jakob P
Bass 3- Ian M
White Bass 3- Thomas R
Bass 4- Austin M
Tenor 1- Jessica M
Tenor 2- Richard J
Cymbals- Jon B
Cymbals- Jacob W 
Cymbals- Alan D 

The following students have been selected to participate in the 

2017 Dixon High School Marching Bulldogs Colorguard.

The numbers below do not represent ranks, just spots in the guard.
Thank you for everyone coming out to the clinics.

1. Caitlyn Louramore
2. Samantha Wallace
3. Sammy Sacco
4. Isabelle Stamper
5. Caroline Hufnagle
6. Autumn Kelly
7. Kristen Midgett
8. Halaina Shropshire
9. Jasmine Toudle
10. La Niya Presha
11. Kayla Rosser
12. Alondra Felix
13. Alyssa Necaise
14. Caleb Branaugh
15. Jade Channell
Alt- Savannah Guildin
Alt- Charles Hallmark

If you didn't make the list, please be aware that you may be called to fill in a spot for those individuals that have dropped out.



Drum Majors
Whitney Ranck, Eliani Sanchez, Dani Parrish

Clarinet- Brennley Williams
Alto- Josie Sanders
Tenor Sax/Bass Clarinet- Caleb Kent
Mellophone- J'Len Morgan
Trumpet- Ariana Fleury, Brittani Carrell 
Trombone- Luke Larsen
Sousaphone/B. Sax- Ryuichi Reynolds
Woodwind- Captain- Shauna Campbell
High Brass- Brittani Carrell
Low Brass- Captain- Luke Larsen
Drumline Captain- Justin Liverman
Bass Section Leader- Jessica Minervini
Front Ensemble Section Leader- Thomas Ryan

Colorguard- Caitlyn Louramore



Flute- Shauna C, Apollonia L, Zion C, Rebecca Marchburn
Oboe- Tyler Morgan
Clarinets- Whitney R, Jarod S, Brennley W, Ashley B, Radni S, Hollyn A, Eliani Sanchez
Bass Clarinet- Angel A
Alto Sax- Josie S, Logan A, Jack H
Tenor Sax- Caleb K
Bari Sax- Emmanuel L
Horn- Jlen Morgan
Trumpet- Brittani C, Ariana F, Hunter T, Hunter P, Andrew J R, Jesse N
Trombone- Luke Larsen, Dani P, Madelyn S
Baritone- Trevor S
Tuba- Ryuichi R
Percussion- Thomas R, Justin L, Jessica M, Michael P, Sailor T, Ian M

All students selected for Wnd Ensemble course must selected 4th Period Band Spring Semester. All students in Wind Ensembler must be enrolled in marching band in the Fall Semester. It is manditory!


Pomp and Circumstance  


Band Trip Chaperones 

All chaperones must be fingerprinted by the Onslow County Schools Office



 2014 Monarch Invitational Performance video!;sharing



2014  October 11th White Oak Band Classic Video


 2016 Crystal Coast Classic Video




Seanotes Brass Studios,LLC

Carlton Howard

3601 Island Drive

N. Topsail, NC 28460


  Instrument repair options! 


Ray Silvia
1212 Gum Branch Rd, Jacksonville, NC 28540
(910) 545-4770 

Fuller's Music 

2310 Trent Rd, New Bern, NC 28562
(252) 638-2811

The Horn Authority 

Michael R. pratt

Meet the Sponsors!

Musicraft, Lewis Bros Construction, BFO inc, Rainbow King, Everything Beach, Step Ahead Gymnastics, G Michael Johnson, Surf City Ocean Pier, Alpha Mortgage, Island Delights,  Your Island Treasure, Surf City Pack 777, Golden Touch Paintings, Running Labs LLC, Independence Realty, Hall’s Quality Tractor Service, East Carolina Medical LLC, Auto Clinic, East Coast Medical, Dash Services, Teresa Batts Real Estate LLC, Baked Pizza Company, Providence Baptist Church, DS Painting and Home Improvement, Musicians Toy Store, Jeff and Selma Stephenson, Ms Kea, Rosales Family, Louramore Family, Marlan and Wanda Parks, P.I.G. Motorsports, Goinces Towing and Recovery, James and Wanda Batts, Guy C Lee Building Materials, Freaker USA, Stone Creek Milling, Seanotes Brass, Mid Atlantic Cable Solutions inc, The Shrimp Lady Seafood,SFI Insurance, Graycliff Enterprises, 5678 Dance, Bumble Bee Landscaping, Minervini’s NY Bagel, Hair By Rebecca at Knotty, Holly Ridge Veterinary Hospital, Ship on Site of Surf City, Gideon HVAC, Minervini Family, Schmidt Family, Drushal Family, Stephenson Family, Sacco Family, Domyanic Family, Merrick Family, Scambler Family and Efren and Christine Saenz.



Drumline cadence links and audition materials 

2017- To the Moon and Back
2016- Music- Fighting the Emotions Within
2015- The Phantom of the Opera
2014- Angels and Demons
2013- In Remembrance
2012- Spirits of the Night
2011- The Piano Lesson
2010- Cirque Du Soleil The Journey of Man
2009- Jekyll and Hyde
2008- Civil WarSuite
2007- An Irish Celebration
2006- Earth, Wind, and Fire
2005- Swing Sensation
2004- Pirats of the Caribbean
2003- Tribute to Charlie Brown
2002- John Williams Encore
2001- Aztec Fire
2000- Best of Andrew Lloyd Weber
~If you remember the shows prior to 2000, please email the director so we can have an accurate record of the show theme~